Xbox 720 Logo Upgrade Resembles Recent Microsoft Facelift To Flat Matte Designs [CONCEPT]

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Gaming fans will know that the next generation Microsoft Xbox will probably be called the Xbox 720 and it is said to be coming out within the next few months, not later than the end of this year. So will Microsoft give the Xbox branding a facelift or will they keep the one that they have now and only give the hardware a facelift?

Xbox 720 console aside, new concept shows logo facelift

The name has been changed, but Microsoft could also change the logo and go for new branding. An image has been posted of a concept logo that provides us with an interesting insight into what Microsoft could consider given that their recent products have gone down the flat design path (Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone 8).

Cory Schmitz has uploaded the fresh modern theme showing where Xbox should be written with just an X and a box. The logo will look strange to some people, however others may think that it looks quite slick.

The concept logo does give an interesting look into how the box of the console may look if Microsoft chooses to go down that road. For now we will just have to wait and see what happens when the Xbox 720 is unveiled, and what surprises come with it.

Xbox 720 concept packaging

Xbox 720 concept packaging

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