Microsoft Wants Another Go At Smartphones

The last time Microsoft tried their hands at offering smartphones, it did not really go that well for them but it looks like the tech company wants another go at it as it was leaked that they might be working on a new smartphone.

In fact, this is not just an ordinary smartphone but a foldable one said to be called the Surface Duo. According to the reports, the device will run on Android and will look similar to the Surface Nep laptop, a dual-screen device that Microsoft has just announced.

It is said that the smartphone will come with a two 5.6 inch display and can rotate 360 degrees and unfolded to be an 8.3inch tablet. The display can both run different apps at one time or can also be used as a keyboard or game controller.

The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. Of course, at this point, all of these are just leaks and rumors which we don’t know is true or not but hopefully, Microsoft will have something for us soon.