Surface RT vs iPad 4: When Money Is No Object

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A very popular Christmas present every year are gadgets and this time around if you’re in the market for a tablet there are plenty of options. Two of the best however are the iPad 4 and the Microsoft Surface RT, if you don’t have a budget. If you do, the Nexus 10 and other Android options should be taken into consideration. So which of these two superb tablets should you do for if money is no object?

iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface RT

One of the most important things when choosing a tablet is the size and the weight of it. The tablets here are 0.37 inch thick and they both weigh around the same. The iPad 4 is 1.44lbs. and the Microsoft Surface RT is 1.46lbs. The Surface RT tablet lack cellular, while the 4G version of the iPad 4 weighs a little more at 1.46Lbs.

The thickness along with the weight of the tablet affects the use of the device. Holding the two tablets you can see and feel that the iPad 4 is thinner and the lighter of the two. The iPad 4 is the widest and the shortest too. With the Microsoft Surface RT held in landscape mode it does seem heavier than the iPad 4.

The iPad 4 offers fast data speeds, providing you can get a connection to LTE in your area. It could be that Microsoft will release a version of the Microsoft Surface with 4G, however for the moment, if you want the internet, you will have to connect to Wi-Fi.

Some people could be put off the Microsoft Surface RT as it doesn’t connect to VPN. Microsoft have not given the APIs that are needed to be able to connect to the AnyConnect client app, but they are working on this.

The camera on the back of the iPad 4 is located in a better position than on the MS Surface. The iPad 4 comes with a camera of 5 megapixel and this is able to record video at 1080p, the Surface can record video at 720p.

On the flip side, the front camera on the Surface RT is better located than the one on the iPad 4. When in portrait mode the camera on the iPad 4 is central, however when in landscape mode it is to one side.

With iOS 6 you can get many more apps than with Microsoft and of course this is a great advantage.

The battery on the iPad 4 does seem to be the best, however through test results have not yet come out based on real life usage. The Microsoft Surface RT does last for the day though.

The display of the Microsoft Surface RT is excellent when it comes to resolution and ppi. You can get the 32GB version of the Surface for $500, while the same money would only get the very basic version of the iPad 4 16GB. Microsoft is selling the tablet with the Touch Cover. If you are happy with the black version of this then you can get the combination for $600. If you want it in another colour then you will have to pay $20 more. You can get the iPad 4 with cellular from $620.

All in all both are good buys. However if I had to pick, it would be the iPad 4 that gets my money. The reasons are simple. The better portability, access to more tablet-optimized apps and the generally simpler OS makes the iPad 4 a better overall tablet than the Microsoft Surface RT.

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