WTF! Microsoft Surface RT 32GB Loses 16GB To OS

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There is the old saying of “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”, and this comes into play with the $500 Surface RT tablet from Microsoft with 32GB of storage. While the tablet does come with 32GB, half of that is taken up with Windows and related software, leaving users just 16GB to play with reports DigitalTrends.

32GB Microsoft Surface RT only has 16GB worth of space for usage

Microsoft put this news in a post which they called “Surface disk space FAQ”, which told people how much space will be available to them on the tablet for their apps, music and photos. The 32GB version of the Microsoft Surface tablet has just 16GB spare and the 64GB version of the tablet will come with 46GB of free space. Let’s just hope that the same isn’t true of all Windows RT devices. However you may wish to bear this in mind when you read about the attractive storage that comes with the tablets.

Microsoft has also said that the 32GB version of the tablet is actually only 29GB and according to Microsoft here is why:

“The advertised local disk size is shown using the decimal system, while Windows displays the disk size using the binary system. As a result, 1 GB (in decimal) appears as about 0.93 GB (in binary). The storage capacity is the same, it’s just shown differently depending on the how you measure a GB (decimal or binary).”

The only positive thing to come out of this is the fact that Microsoft have included SD card support for the tablet, so users can boost the storage externally to another 64GB. There is also the plus side of the tablet supporting standard USB ports.

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