Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro: Who’s Going To Win?

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We still do not know what Microsoft will be offering this year as there is very little details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 but do you think the Pro 5 will be able to take down the Apple iPad Pro?

The Apple iPad Pro is not a real rival to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 but the name and offering itself makes it clear who Apple has in mind when they created the Apple iPad Pro. With accessories like the keyboard as well as the new Apple Pencil, it is clear that has their eyes set on the Pro 4.

It is believed that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be coming with a few important upgrades like the fingerprint sensor which will now be fitted on the tablet and not the keyboard as users have complained that they find it troublesome.

There were also talk about a charging dock for the Surface Pen so that the pen will be recharge whenever it is dock so users won’t keep running out of battery, We also expect to see a few spec upgrades as well.