Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Would Be Worth The Splurge!

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While some people may be worries about the cost of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 it has been said that thanks to the specs it is coming with it is going to be well worth the price tag.

Microsoft beat Apple during 2016 when it came to sales of tablets and it looks as though they may do the same again thanks to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, which is going to have upgrades over the previous version.

We have heard that we may see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 come out in March and we learned about some of the features and the specs that it is coming with. If the device should keep the main features it will be more popular than ever thanks to it having new ones too.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be coming with the 7th gen Kaby Lake processor of Intel and three different variations will be offered, the Core M, Core i5 and the Core i7. They should offer up a large battery life and high performance.

It was said that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might have the 12.5 inch display and this is going to be 4K and have support for 3D at 60fps. Two different versions will be offered and these will be the 512GB and the 1TB SSD and it is thought that it will run on Windows 10 Redmond.

The device is going to offer up an improved Surface Pen and have a battery that can be recharged by docking the stylus with the device. It will also come with a fingerprint scanner along with track pad.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to come with a price tag of around $899 and this is the price for the base version.
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Would Be Worth The Splurge!

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