Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Pro: Dilemma Revisited

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If you are looking for a laptop you might be considering the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the MacBook Pro. So which one is it going to be?

The MacBook Pro is a true laptop, which comes with some perks inspired by mobiles, while the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that could essentially replace your laptop.

Here we are talking about the 13 inch version of the MacBook Pro and various configurations of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro is called a tablet, however with the add-on keyboard and trackpad extension; it is more along the lines of a laptop.

The Apple MacBook Pro is thin and the Samsung Surface Pro 4 is a hefty tablet. When you add on the keyboard it also adds-on depth. The MacBook Pro weighs in at 1.37 kilograms but then it depends on the configuration. The MacBook Pro is made from an aluminium body, while the Surface is magnesium alloy.

The Apple MacBook Pro comes in two metallic neutral tones and the Microsoft Surface Pro is available in a silver color, but you can get the Type Cover in red, teal, bright blue, black or blue.

The Apple MacBook Pro is available with a display that is bigger and this means that you get around 11% more when compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The resolution of the Pro is 16% more dense, however, you cannot complain about the display of the MacBook Pro at all.

With the Microsoft Surface Pro you get the pressure sensitive Surface Pen so that you can write and draw on the display. The Apple MacBook Pro comes with or without the touch bar and this replaces the Fn keys and have built in Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The Apple MacBook Pro offers the Intel Core i5 processor and the entry level Microsoft Surface Pro has the Intel Core M3 processor but you can go with the i5 or i7 processor as an upgrade.

The Apple MacBook Pro is offered with 512GB or 256GB of storage but you can also order the 1TB from Apple directly. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with different storage choices; the smallest of these is 128GB with the M3 processor.

The entry level Apple MacBook Pro comes in at $1, 499, while the Touch Bar versions are $1, 799. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 begins at $899 for the trablet and the Type Cover is $130.

So would you choose the Apple MacBook Pro or will you be going for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

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