Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: & Winner Is…

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These two have been some of the best releases that’s ever happened last year, each being the ultimate weapon for their respective brands. But when we’re talking about these two big tablets, which would actually conquer the other? Is it the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the iPad Pro?

Size probably wouldn’t affect your purchasing decision, but it’s a big deal when it comes to portability. It’s especially true when these two tablets aim to offer enough power to replace a laptop (is this the age of overshadowing laptops?), and that they have been close to doing so. The 6.9mm iPad Pro is the slimmer one, but it can’t offer the USB 3.0 port that Surface Pro 4 does. And it’s worth mentioning that the Surface Pro 4 is smaller than the iPad Pro, making it a reasonably better option of the two if you consider the sizes.

But what about comparing between their operating systems; Windows 10 or the iOS? We are all aware that Apple is pretty much stuck with its iOS system, delivering the same experience as on any iPad, so iPad Pro is just about the same. The same can be said about the Surface Pro 4 which has gone down the full Windows 10 route. But one thing’s for sure: if you were to install certain apps like Photoshop, you’ll find it difficult to do so on the iPad Pro; no problem with the Surface Pro 4. Then again, Apple is more generous when it comes to those everyday functionality tools.

Last but not least, we’ll have to look at the power and battery life of the two. Surprisingly, the newcomer iPad Pro significantly lasts longer than the more-established Surface Pro 4 according to some test results. In other words, the choice is really yours since they have their own perks and pitfalls. Surface Pro 4 is more powerful but has a shorter lived per charge, whereas iPad Pro is slightly less powerful but has a longer battery life.

Have you decided which to choose yet?

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