Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: Winner Is…

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If you are thinking about a new piece of kit you may be choosing between the iPad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. So which should you choose?

The test was made between the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro thanks to them both offering the ability to be able to take notes, annotate PDFs, make use of Microsoft Office, Gmail and Dropbox, among other things.

The pro sides to the iPad Pro is that the build quality of it is good along with it having a display that is stunning. This means that PDFs opened up on it are great to read and a full page may be opened at a scale of 100%. Annotating on the display is easy in landscape mode and it comes with plenty of apps, such as Gmail. The keyboard is easy to type on and you can write small on it. The sound quality is decent too, although there is a lack of stereo sound.

On the downside of the iPad Pro is the fact that it is large and it is heavy, so you cannot really hold it with just a single hand. It can be unsteady if you have it on your lap so a table is better. The folding keyboard can be messy as it does seem to flop just about everywhere.

The pros about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 include it being a good Windows system and the keyboard is pretty decent. The kickstand is great and it folds all the way back. It also works well when on the knee and the pen that comes with it has an industrial feel. You can also load up Onenote by simply clicking on the eraser. The magnetic strip also works well so when you put the pen on the strip it remains there. Thanks to the kickstand being adjustable it works well when on an airplane.

On the downside to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the fact that the writing experience isn’t that good on it and you cannot write in very small print.

So which would you choose, would it be the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or would it be the iPad Pro?