Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Takes On Lenovo IdeaPad: Which Will You Choose?

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You may be considering purchasing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 but then you may be weighing it up against the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700. Both of these are superb pieces of technology but which would you choose?

Anyone who has a tight budget may wish to consider going for the Lenovo IdeaPad Mixx 700 as the price tag is the lowest at $699. The price tag of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can be pre-ordered and this has a price tag of $899.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers up a display of 167ppi and the processor starts at the Intel Core M3 and at the top of the range is the I7. The device has Windows 10 and the storage is from 64GB and going up to 1TB. It also comes with support for MicroSD, USB3 and DisplayPort.

The display of the Lenovo IdeaPad Mixx 700 is 12 inches, while the resolution is 2160 x 1440. It offers the Intel Core M and entry level is the M3 and it supports USB 2 and 3 along with MicroSD and MicroSIM.

So have you made up your mind? Will you choose the Lenovo IdeaPad Mixx 700 or the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?