Microsoft Surface Phone Will Make You Think About Honey I Shrunk The Surface

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Microsoft is well known for coming up with some superb ideas but recently we saw someone come up with a great idea for a concept for the Microsoft Surface phone.

The rendering of the Surface phone came from Mr. Mulderfox and he gave us a version of the phone that showed off a display that was flexible and the display could be extended out thanks to post tension electromagnetic cables.

The concept version of the Microsoft Surface phone is 302 x 140mm when it is in the tablet form and in the smartphone mode it is 145 x 75mm. The device could also be in the XL form and the size then is 165 x 75mm.

The Microsoft Surface phone concept may not be the very best looking handset that has been seen but really it doesn’t matter all that much as we are not expecting the concept to become aa reality

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