Microsoft Surface Phone: Why Size Doesn’t Matter

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You’re probably going to suggest that this Microsoft Surface Phone is highly inspired by the Surface Book, and it might actually be, though designer Mr. Mulderfox had envisioned a “post-tension electromagnetic cable” for when it’s deployed in tablet mode. Yes, it works as both a smartphone and a tablet. Now, how cool is that?


That’s how the Surface Phone looks like when it’s extended into the tablet form. As you can see from the image above, Mr. Mulderfox had imagined a concept whereby its flexibility, and that the electromagnetic cable stated earlier was to strengthen the display when extended. The Microsoft Surface Phone measures 203 x 140mm when it’s in tablet form, and 145 x 75mm in smartphone for. There’s also an XL version of the rendering that measures 165 x 75mm.

We’d like to see the phone as having more convenience purposes rather than just looking really common. In fact, it’s quite a unique rendering and with the ability of transforming shapes, you’ll know for sure that the size really doesn’t matter.

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