Microsoft Surface Phone: Tired Of Following

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Microsoft has been trying to get themselves into the smartphone market and while their latest smartphone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 and the 950 XL were great devices, it is basically just another smartphone. Yes, it does come with the new Windows 10 OS but that alone won’t be enough to convince people to give them a try.

Microsoft recently teases that they will be trying to replicate the success of the Surface with a new smartphone. This next phone is said to be a real shocker that that people would actually consider it over the other Android and iOS smartphone in the market.

Of course, they did not reveal that phone it is. They did say that the smartphone is only in its early stages of development but new rumors suggest that the new smartphone is already being worked on by the Surface team right now. It is believed that the Surface Phone will be powerful enough to run PC application.

If that is true, we should really be looking out for the upcoming Surface Phone.

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