Microsoft Surface Phone: The Rip-Off Of Surface Book (Concept)

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Since Microsoft is one of the well-respected companies that have been constantly coming up with some great ideas, there are concepts based on the company that we shouldn’t be overlooking too. Recently, we have seen a concept named Surface Phone, and it would be kind of cool to have it in reality.

The person responsible for this piece of concept is Mr. Mulderfox, where he showed a rather flexible display and one that could be extended as well. Imagine saving all the trouble of getting both a tablet and a smartphone where you can get both of them in one! How cool is that?! And it’s worth mentioning that the device comes with post tension electromagnetic cable which ensures the phone is strengthened if the display is extended.


The Microsoft Surface Phone is 203 x140mm when it is in tablet form, and 145 x 75mm when it’s in smartphone form. Based on the picture above, it seems pretty easy to open it for extension too, and that the grip is strong upon closing it back to smartphone form. It may just be a concept phone/tablet, but we’re giving Microsoft the green light for this if this were to ever cross their minds!

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