Microsoft Surface Phone Should Look Like This

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We have seen what must be one of the best looking handsets in the shape of the Microsoft Surface phone. However before you get too excited we have to tell you that the handset is only a concept that comes from Harry Kim.

If there was going to be a Microsoft Surface Phone then we would want it to look just like this one. It resembles the Surface tablet, in phone format. The tablet of course didn’t go down well in the first two generations but it has been improving with the third.

The Microsoft Surface Phone comes with a rectangular design and when looking at the profile you can clearly see that the inspiration has been the Surface tablet.

The Microsoft Surface concept phone offers up a kickstand so that it can stand up along with a camera on the back that is discrete and a stylus. The stylus that was rendered with the handset takes on the appearance of a marker more than a pen. It seems the designer wanted the phone to have what they call as Chibi Surface Pen.

But what do you think about the concept of the Microsoft Surface Phone, is this a device that you would go out and actually buy?

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