Microsoft Surface Phone Should Feature In Honey I Shrunk The Surface, The Concept Is Awesome

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Microsoft is well known for their great ideas and they bring us ideas that no one else has shown us before. One handset that we have recently seen a concept of is the Microsoft Surface Phone and if this device was to become a reality it would be superb.

Mr. MulderFox brought us a render of the concept of the Microsoft Surface phone and the device was shown as a flexible handset and the display of it could be extended. It also has post tension electromagnetic cable to give it strength when the display has been extended out.

The Microsoft Surface phone comes in at 203 x 140mm in the tablet form and when it is a smartphone it is 145 x 75mm. The concept handset could also be transformed into an XL form and it is 165 x 75mm.

We are not expecting Microsoft to follow the design of the concept of the Microsoft Surface phone and it isn’t the best for looks.