Microsoft Surface Phone: Nothing Quiet About Killing Off Lumia

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The Microsoft Surface phone is said to be the next huge thing to come from the company and it should offer up an experience unlike any other. There hasn’t been any official announcement of the device up to now but we have seen many leaks about the device.

The latest actions of Microsoft could tell us that the Microsoft Surface phone is on its way. Microsoft has issued a stop sale on the Lumia and they did this in November 2016 but didn’t say why.

People began to say that this meant the demise of the Lumia due to the handset not selling all that well. Now Microsoft have done something else that leads people to believe the Microsoft Surface phone is on its way. They took down the official Instagram page of the Lumia Photography. They tried to do this quietly but then it went viral.

Microsoft then said that they had done it to make things easier for people. They said they had fused the Lumia Photography page with the Lumia page so that it was easier to access.

We think that the Lumia is just about dead and Microsoft has sealed its fate. We are expecting to see the Microsoft Surface phone just around the corner and should be revealed very soon.

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  1. Bob Weber

    January 28, 2017 at 6:31 am

    I like the 950 Lumia.
    Abandoning it is disloyal to your customer base.