Microsoft Surface Phone May Need Longer Than 2018

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We have been hearing a lot about the Microsoft Surface phone, even though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it. However we might have to wait longer than 2018 before seeing the device actually emerge.

Microsoft has had plenty of success with Surface devices but a phone is different because if it had the ARM processor it would be classed as being an ultramobile PC but at the same time it would also have to play the role of a smartphone.

The Microsoft Surface phone may not compete directly with the phones of rivals as it could turn out to be the ultimate mobile device and may be a game changer. It will compete in said space along with needing to be able to do what other phones do and offer.

The Microsoft Surface is going to need support from developers and apps, however at a recent Microsoft Conversations, it was said that the future of most of the apps will be replaced by bots and AI. Predictions are that 20% of companies won’t invest in apps by 2020 and of course this would be bad news for Microsoft.

Many people believe that the Microsoft Surface phone is going to be seen in 2018 but if the device is launched before they get developer support it is going to be like putting the cart before the horse, they will come to a standstill.

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