Microsoft Surface Phone: Is May Be Honey I Shrunk The Surface

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While Microsoft is well known for offering up superb ideas for technology we recently saw a concept of a phone that could come from them and it was the Microsoft Surface phone. Of course we are not expecting this to come onto the market any time soon as it is merely a concept.

The concept for the Microsoft Surface phone was given to us by Mr. Mulderfox and he showed us a device that offers up a flexible display and the phone too is flexible. The display can be extended thanks to post tension electromagnetic cable and this means it is stronger when the display is extended.

The Microsoft Surface measures 203 x 140mm when the device is in the tablet form and in smartphone format it comes in at 154 x 75mm. The concept device may also be turned into the XL form and it will be 165 x 75mm.

The Microsoft Surface phone is only a concept at the moment and the concept isn’t the best looking phone on the market.