Microsoft Surface Phone Is All Talk, No Action

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We may have heard a lot of talk about the Microsoft Surface Phone but we haven’t seen much by way of action. While the CEO has teased about the handset and there have been plenty of rumours going around, we don’t really have any hard proof that the device really exists.

The Microsoft Surface Phone has remained elusive even though the CEO of Microsoft said that the handset would be the ultimate mobile handset. People have been expecting the handset to be released to take on the iPhone 8, when it arrives on the market.

The iPhone 8 has been said to be bringing a change that is radical to the iPhone, when it arrives in September. The device will bring with it camera technology that is cutting edge, an edge to edge OLED display, wireless charging and much more.

The Microsoft Surface Phone will run on Windows 10 and it has been rumoured to be arriving in three variations. These will be for consumers, enthusiasts and business owners. The entry level model is thought to be coming with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage.

Experts have the belief that the Microsoft Surface Phone is going to surpass not only what the iPhone 8 has to offer but also the Samsung Galaxy S8, when it comes to the features offered.

But would you choose the Microsoft Surface Phone over the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, that’s if the device ever arrives on the market.