Microsoft Surface Phone Inspired By LG & Samsung?

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It is looking as though Microsoft has taken some ideas from LG and Samsung, both of whom have been toying with the idea of launching foldable phones, as the next Surface handset could be foldable.

Microsoft has already said that the Microsoft Surface phone isn’t going to be like a traditional handset, but they haven’t given any defining features of it. Now a new patent has been filed by them and it seems that they are working on a device that can be folded and which can turn into a tablet.

The patent shows that Microsoft are looking at a device that can be folded over and works as a mobile phone, but then you can open it up and it offers more real estate along the lines of a tablet. The device is said to be able to meet different uses, including phone and tablet.

Of course the downside to having a folding phone is that it would be thicker than phones of today. However it would offer up more real estate if needed and it could be superb for reading books, typing, browsing social media and more.

We have seen ideas of a similar nature from both Samsung and LG in the past. Whether Microsoft will be the first to come up with a foldable phone by way of the new Surface Phone is anyone’s guess, but it seems that they are working on it.

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