Microsoft Surface Phone Destroys Lumia Then Backtracks

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Microsoft next big thing is going to be the launch of the Microsoft Surface phone, even though we haven’t yet had any confirmation about the handset. We have seen many leaks about what is said to be the phone and now we have had another indication that the device may be on its way.

Microsoft issues a stop sale notice for the Lumia in November and they never gave an explanation as to why they did this. People said that it was to make way for the Microsoft Surface phone and then Microsoft went a step further and closed down the Instagram page of the Lumia Photography. While Microsoft thought that they were doing this quietly it turned viral and soon everyone knew about it.

Microsoft then backtracked and came up with an explanation and said that they were making things easier for people. They covered up their tracks by saying that the Lumia photography page had been fused with the official Lumia page.

Regardless of what excuse Microsoft says was the demise of the photograph page many people still think that they are pulling the Lumia out of the picture and it will be just a matter of time before the Microsoft Surface phone breaks cover.

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  1. R

    January 29, 2017 at 8:30 am

    This is beyond a joke now. There is no such thing as a Surface Phone. There are no plans whatsoever. The most you can expect next from Microsoft is a Lumia device with ARM tech. Stop speculating!