Microsoft Surface Future Looking Bright Against Apple MacBook

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Comparing the Microsoft Surface tablets against a laptop such as the Apple MacBook may not be fair as they are aimed at different markets. However the Surface Pro does have a rating that is better than some of the laptops out on the market.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is selling very well and if it carries on the way it is going then it could soon catch up with the flagship from Apple.

It isn’t going to be easy for the Microsoft Surface Pro to take on and win the Apple MacBook Pro as Microsoft needs to keep up the momentum in selling if they want to overtake Apple. They have managed to achieve sales of $1.3 billion in Q4, which is positive for Microsoft of course.

When you go on sales about the only advantage that Apple MacBooks have over the Microsoft Surface is the fact that they are more established. The Surface is younger and if it wants to be able to meet the sales figures of the MacBook it is going to have to work hard.

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