Microsoft Surface Book i7 vs MacBook Pro (2016): Specs Shootout

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Two great pieces of kit are the Microsoft Surface Book i7 and the MacBook Pro, but which out of the two offers the best specs and features.

The Surface event revealed the Microsoft Surface Book i7 which comes with increased battery performance along with better graphics power. it comes with the Intel Core i7 processor along with many different configurations, so there is something to suit all people along with budgets.

The Surface Book i7 isnt going to be a budget price though as the starting price is $2, 399. This may shock some people as the price tag is considerably higher than the version that came before it. However it does offer twice the amount of graphics performance, a second fan, bigger battery and thermals that have been redesigned to offer faster video without overheating.

The Microsoft Surface Book i7 offers a display of 13.5 inches and this has been optimized for touch and Pen and Microsoft are quick to point out that the resolution is higher than that of the Apple MacBook Pro 13.

The MacBook Pro 2016 is one piece of tech that has fans waiting eagerly for its arrival. We have seen photos of the laptop and they show the OLED touch panel set above the keyboard, which has support for Touch ID. It is said to be faster than the previous version and we are expecting it to come with many new features and some great features.

It is thought that the release date for the MacBook Pro 2016 may be 28 October or soon after as it has been announced on 27 October. The design is said to come with a body that is thinner, it will have a headphone jack and four USB Type C port. There have been reports that have suggested it may come with support for 10Gbps USB 3.1 and rumors have suggested that it may come with a single 5K display or have dual 4k displays.

But would you choose the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 or would you go with the Microsoft Surface Book i7?

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