Microsoft Surface Book 2: What Is It Hiding Now?

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There are rumours going around that Microsoft is working on a new Microsoft Surface Book 2 and when it launches it will bring with it plenty of upgrades. We know that the device will offer a 4K display and it could have the name of the Surface Pro 5 and run on the Kaby Lake processor.

Thanks to the Microsoft Surface Book being offered with huge discounts, it is thought that the new version could be just around the corner and Microsoft wants to get rid of the older stock.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is highly anticipated as it is said to be bringing with it many firsts. But what is the device hiding?

Back in August last year Microsoft teased people on Instagram with an image of what the Surface Book 2 might look like. The photo showed huge design improvement and a dynamic fulcrum hinge, with more ridges.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is said to offer up a 4K display and it could have support for VR. At the moment the device has a display of 13.5 inches, but the next generation could be larger.

The battery of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 could come with a very powerful battery and it should give more than the 4 hours of the predecessor. At the moment we don’t have a price for the device and an exact release date. However, it was suggested that it may arrive in March and the price could be around $1499 the same as the predecessor.

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