Microsoft Surface Book 2: Bad News For Year-End Holidays

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There is some bad news for anyone who wanted to get their hands on a new Microsoft Surface Book 2 in time for Christmas as there isn’t going to be one.

Microsoft is holding a big press conference on 26 October but at the moment the details about it are vague. It has been said though that we will not see a new Surface Pro or the Surface Book 2 until Spring of next year.

This means that we should not expect to hear about the Microsoft Surface Book 2 at the upcoming event. We are also not going to hear about a Surface phone or Band 3 as the wearable has been dismissed.

Microsoft will be offering new Surface products during the event, we can expect to see peripherals and it is thought that they might reveal the much rumoured Surface All-In-One.

What does happen to be interesting about the timing of the Windows event is that it comes one day before the event held by Apple to reveal new MacBooks, this will take place on 27 October.

So if you wanted to get hold of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 for Christmas you might want to start thinking about a different gift.

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