Microsoft Surface 5: Wait Or Go For The 4?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was a better touch than the Surface Book, but people have started to talk about the rumoured Surface 5 to see if it they should be rooting on the latter instead. Then again, news relating to the Surface 5 should be taken with a grain of salt since Microsoft tends to release a new version of the Surface tablet each year.

But what if the Surface 5 is really on the way to becoming a reality? Rumour has it that it would seemingly be undergoing a major upgrade from the previous model, but the main highlight would be the stylus. That’s because there have been news regarding Microsoft being spotted for applying for a stylus patent and if that’s true, it could be rechargeable with a magnetic connection to the tablet.

Sure, it may sound all cool and probably something you’ve never expected from Microsoft, but the stylus upgrade could be a bit of a backlash if that’s the only thing we are looking forward to on the Surface 5. Since the Surface Pro 4 comes with a pen that doesn’t charge, it just means you’ll be buying more batteries which could eventually cost you more in the end. So, it just seems like either way would kind of cost you a fortune.

What are your thoughts about the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface 5? Which would you rather go after, and why?

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