Microsoft Project Scorpio May Arrive At E3 2017

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Many people are waiting to hear news about the upcoming Microsoft Project Scorpio and this is the sequel to the Microsoft Xbox One console. We have heard that the console is going to be the best ever to come from Microsoft so there is a lot of hype surrounding it.

We haven’t heard about an official release date for the Project Scorpio console just yet but it is thought that it may arrive this year. This would be around a year since it was first announced.

If the console does arrive this year it should arrive in time to make the most of the Christmas and holiday period. The Xbox director talked about the console and said that the company have been talking with developers and told them about the hardware that is making its way to the console.

While there isn’t any strong evidence that the Microsoft Project Scorpio console will arrive in time to snap it up for Christmas this year, there have been plenty of rumours and speculation that is might be revealed at the E3 2017.

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