Microsoft Office For iPhone & iPad: Free, Available In Q1 2013?

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Details have come out about the plans for Microsoft to release an iOS compatible Office app, along with screenshots about the purported Office Mobile product. The folks over at AppleInsider report that there will be a free version offered in the iOS App Store if you have a Microsoft Office account too.

Microsoft Office for iPhone & iPad

Word, along with Powerpoint and Excel will be supported and if you have an Office 365 subscription you will be able to edit documents too. Office Mobile will be coming to the Android platform, following its debut on iOS for the iPhone & iPad first adds AI.

You will be able to take out a subscription to Office 365 through the app, which will comply with the in-app purchase rules for their App Store content. The subscription will come with some basic editing; however it will not replace the full desktop Office application.

If you don’t want to take out the Office 365 subscription you can still use the free app for the iPhone and iPad, however you will only be able to view documents.

A product manager in the Czech Republic has said that Office for iOS could be here in March 2013. However Microsoft has only said that the Office suite would work on Windows Phone, iOS and Android and declined to give a release date.

There has been many rumours going around about a version of Office for the iPad for some time now and there was even a photo which showed a screenshot of the app on the iPad released in February. A report did suggest that there would be a release on the 10th November for the iPad but as we saw, that never came about.

Appleinsider also said that Microsoft is working on a native iOS app for Outlook Web, with the title of OWS Mobile Client for iOS. This will be compatible with Exchange 2012 mailboxes. There is also said to be a new version of Lync app for iOS, and this is said to feature an interface like the Metro UI of Microsoft. The same UI is expected to be used in the Office app for iPad.

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