Microsoft Lumia 950 vs Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S: Who’s Boss?

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If we were to analyze these three phones apart from one another, we’d think that the Microsoft’s the only one that’s still kind of a lost puppy in the overcrowded smartphone segment, since it’s still trying to find a place under the sun. While Google’s Android smartphones dominate the market in sheer numbers, Apple’s not too bad themselves too: it’s definitely winning the profit margin game.

The Microsoft Lumia 950, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S has been put through several tests by GSM Arena that factors in the screen, audio as well as the camera. If anything, the iPhone 6S has always been deemed as the must-have smartphone experience for years, albeit getting into a little too cliche in recent years, but the thing is, people are still loving it.

As for Android’s Galaxy Note 5, it definitely wins on features. The iPhone 6S has got a focus on higher numbers this time around (12MP camera with 2160p video), but it’s still more dominant over the Lumia 950 as the latter is just very much a Windows phone. The Lumia 950 promises to provide a desktop-like experience on a smaller screen, and it really only does just that.

Though Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 felt like a step back from the power-use inclination that the series is well known for, it’s still made with absolute cutting-edge technology and offers more features per cubic centimetre than anything else out there in the smartphone market.

The Note 5 wins in the display category as it’s got the brightest display with perfect colour calibration. And let’s not forget about the fact that the manual mode gives users a wide range of brightness, but Auto extends that further. The Lumia 950 comes in at an unexpected second place and the third place goes to Apple’s iPhone 6S.

When it comes to audio testing, we’ve got to give props to the Note 5 again, though all three performed relatively well in the first part of GSM Arena’s tests. It’s also second best on account of its slightly lower volume in the first test and first on the more important headphones-in test. The folks behind the testing actually had a hard time coming up with the Note 5 as the winner but it really did edged it out. The iPhone 6S comes in second, while Lumia 950 grabs third place.

Last but not least, the ever so significant factor that comes to mind for most (if not, all) selfie takers). And even with this last category, we’d still have to crown the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as the winner. The photos that were taken with the phone look absolutely noise-free and fairly rich in detail, which also means that the colours are accurate. Though there’s still the fact that the dynamic range limits details in the highlights and noise reduction do somehow strip away some good detail too.

Well for what it’s worth, it’s all about the user preference as opinions differ from one another (but really, don’t even think about opting for the Lumia 950, we’re begging you). Which would you rather pick and did you agree with the tests set up by the GSM Arena team?

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