Microsoft Lumia 950 vs Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S: The Ultimate Showdown

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You would think that we’re crazy for including the Microsoft Lumia 950 into this review, but we’d like to be optimistic about it that it may well prove you otherwise. Sure, we’ve heard a lot of critics on the Lumia 950 and how it’s not even on par with the standards of both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S’ standards. But are they all true, though?

The folks from GSM Arena has heard us loud and clear and have decided to come up with a comparison test to see which would be the resulting boss of it all. These three phones were put through some very vital tests in analyzing their screen, audio as well as camera functions and you’ll see how they stack up against each other in a bit.

There’s no denying that the iPhone 6S has always been so loveable that it already has acquired so much love before its release. People are almost always associating it to a flawless, gorgeous phone with amazing specs that are timeless. And they are mostly right. But if we put the Galaxy Note 5’s features into the picture, it’s the latter that’s gaining the upper hand, though.

And the Note 5 also wins in having the best and brightest display among the three; the perfect colour calibration and manual mode gives users the ability to extend the brightness of the phone. The Lumia 950 comes in at an unexpectedly second place while the iPhone 6S takes the last spot.

As for the audio testing conducted by GSM Arena, the Note 5 springs up as the winner again as it really did perform well in the first part of their tests, but turned out to be the second best on account of its slightly lower volume in the first test and first on the more important headphones-in test. The iPhone comes in second while Lumia 950 grabs the last spot.

Like previously mentioned, the Note 5 wins in features. And even the camera features we’d have to give them the props again as photos taken with the Note 5 are absolutely noise-free and vibrant in detail, meaning the colours are completely accurate too. As for the iPhone 6S and the Lumia 950, the former’s 12MP camera with 2160p video still proves to be more dominant than that of the latter’s Windows phone labelling.

All in all, the Note 5 is deserving of the win and we don’t see any reason why it’s not. Did you think we were going to crown the Note 5 instead of the other two?

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