Microsoft Lumia 950 Sales Slump With Retailers Offering Scary Prices

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The 5th gen Microsoft Lumia 950 has been around for six months but it is now looking as though retailers cannot wait to get rid of stock as they have been offering them with scary price tag drops.

In the UK you could get the Microsoft Lumia 950 for $499,99 when it first arrived on the market. Now you can get the handset over at Amazon with a price tag of £344. This was thought to be the lowest price point for the Microsoft Lumia 950 in the UK.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 is £350 at Debenhams Plus and this is for the black version that is SIM free.

The drop in price tags could of course mean that we are about to see a newer version of the Microsoft Lumia 950 come out soon. It is said that this may happy before the Windows 10 Redstone update, which we should see around April 2017.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 may end up being the most affordable flagship device. But is it a device that you are interested in?