Microsoft Lumia 950 Sales Plummet With Scary Prices Offered By Retailers

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The Microsoft Lumia 950 has been on the market for around 6 months now and the sales of the device are plummeting as retailers want to get rid of stock. So it may be looking as though we are going to see a new handset coming our way and this may be why the price tag is dropping.

When the Microsoft Lumia 950 came out it had a price tag in the region of $499.99. Amazon then offered the handset for $344 and it was thought that this was the lowest we would see it in the UK.

Now the Microsoft Lumia 950 is offered for $350 at Debenhams Plus if you want the black version, which is SIM free.

We believe that the price tag drop may mean that a new versions of the Microsoft Lumia 950 may be about to arrive and it is thought that it may arrive in 2017.

At the moment it looks like the Microsoft Lumia 950 could be the most affordable flagship handset but will you purchase it?