Microsoft Lumia 950 Review: Shame It’s a Bad Windows 10 Handset

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Microsoft are hoping that people are going to make the move away from iOS and Android to Windows and one of the handsets is the Microsoft Lumia 950. The handset may be one that does impress us but what does let us down is the fact that it has Windows 10.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with a 5.2 inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 and it offers up 564ppi. The handset runs on the Snapdragon 808 processor and it offers up 32GB of storage and this can be expanded thanks to SD card and there is 3GB of RAM.

While all of the above are great, what lets the Microsoft Lumia 950 down is the fact that it runs on Windows 10 and this isn’t brilliant.

Anyone who wants a device that looks superb and which is solidly built may want to take a look at the Microsoft Lumia 950. However if you are one for loving apps you might want to give the handset a miss.