Microsoft Lumia 950 Price Drop By Retailers Is Scary

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The Microsoft Lumia 950 came onto the market around 6 months ago but now the retailers have dropped the price tag.

When the device came out it was £499.99 and then Amazon dropped it down to £344. Up to now this has been the cheapest that you could get the Microsoft Lumia 950 for.

Now though there has been another price drop and now you can get hold of the Microsoft Lumia 950 for £349.97 at Debenhams. This is for the black version that is unlocked.

The drop in the price may mean that a new version is going to be coming our way. The big drop in price could mean that the Microsoft Lumia 950 is now the most affordable flagship handset.

So are you going to get the Microsoft Lumia 950 and take advantage of the big drop in price?