Microsoft Lumia 950 May Not Be As Likeable As You Would Have Thought

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Microsoft has had a tough job getting people to make the move away from Android and iOS handsets and go with their Windows device. However they then came up with the Microsoft Lumia 950. But is the device going to have what it needs to steal people away from their beloved handsets?

The display of the Microsoft Lumia 950 is 5.2 inches and this offers up a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The phone comes with 32GB of storage and it runs on the Snapdragon 808 processor. The device has support for SD card and it offers up 3GB of RAM.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 does have somethings going for it but then it also has downsides. One of the biggest to the downsides is that it runs on Windows 10. Another of the downsides is the fact that it is lacking for apps.

But would you make the swap away from your iOS or Windows handset and instead choose the Microsoft Lumia 950?

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  1. MNBobster

    April 6, 2016 at 4:57 am

    Actually, Windows phones are nice. I have a Lumia Icon with Windows 8.1 (Denim) and the only thing I don’t like is Verizon being the source of updates. I really like Windows 10 and I can live without most of the apps (they aren’t all that useful or bug-free) and all of the games (I don’t play them…ever). I don’t like the iPhone keyboard or IOS much, and Android on phones is a hot mess once the phone manufacturer and cellular companies have altered it. My Verizon contract is done in October and I will get an unlocked dual-SIM Windows phone at that time. Verizon phones only work on Verizon’s network. Unlocked phones work everywhere else which gives me more choices. Apple makes its own phones and now Microsoft does as well. They will have more control over the hardware as Apple does now. Like the PC OS, other manufacturers add junkware and their own buggy software and hardware to their phones.