Microsoft Lumia 950 Gets Dumped By Retailers With Scary Price Tags

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The Microsoft Lumia 950 has only been on the market for 6 months but now it is looking as though retailers have had enough of them as they are now offering the handset with price tags that are scary.

In the UK the Microsoft Lumia 950 has a price tag of $499.99. Then Amazon began offering the handset for £344 and up to now this was the cheapest price.

Things have changed now though with the Microsoft Lumis 950 as you can get the SIM free version in black for £349.97 over at Debenhams.

The big drop in price tag could be down to the fact that a newer version is coming our way. However we don’t expect it to come before the Windows 10 Restone update. With the drop in price the Microsoft Lumia 950 might become the most affordable flagship handset.

But are you going to take advantage of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and its silly price tag?

Mike is the man who reviews gadgets that aren’t mainstream or products that can’t exactly be classified as consumer electronics e.g. portable talking toilets. It’s always interesting to read about the crazy products we have here in Asia that just don’t get as much publicity as they warrant.

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  1. SFS

    May 19, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Buying a Lumia handset amounts to shooting yourself in the foot – it has become obvious that Microsoft will be shutting down their mobile phone division, which has been bleeding millions of dollars per quarter for too long now.