Microsoft Lumia 950: Freeze, Overheating and Crashing Just Some Of The Problems

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As much as we like what Microsoft had to offer on the Lumia 950, the smartphone is not problem free either as some users have stepped out to report some of the issues they have been having with the Lumia 950.

One of the common problems we hear about the Microsoft Lumia 950 is that it tends to heat up pretty quickly but of course, this issue is not unique to the Lumia 950 alone as some of the new devices like the Galaxy S7 was also reported to have heating issues.

Others reported that the Microsoft Lumia 950 has the tendency to crash. There were also reports on the smartphone freezing at times. Of course, these are all pretty common issues and at the rate at which Microsoft is releasing their updates, these problems will most like be fixed soon.

Have you had any other issue with the Microsoft Lumia 950?

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