Microsoft Lumia 950 Being Offered With Drop In Price That Is Scary

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The Microsoft Lumia 950 5th generation has been out for just six months or so but now the device is being offered with a drop in price that is scary.

In the UK at Amazon the Microsoft Lumia 950 originally came with a price tag of £499.99 and now you can get it for around £344. Up to then this had been a great price for a superb handset.

Now retailers have dropped the price tag again and at Debenhams Plus you can get the black version SIM free for only £349.97.

This is a crazy drop in the price tag and it has you wondering if perhaps a newer version is on its way out. Right now the low price tag means that the Microsoft Lumia 950 may be the most affordable flagship device on the market.

Does the drop in price persuade you to pick up the Microsoft Lumia 950 or will you wait to see if a newer version is on the horizon?