Microsoft Finally Hops Onto The VR Train

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Compare to the other, Microsoft is pretty late to the VR party. Talks about Microsoft possibly working on one starting some time ago and now, new reports are saying that they might have put it on hold.

It was reported that the new VR headset will be coming in to compete with Sony’s VR headset with good screen quality but nothing close to what Oculus or HTC is offering right now. It is believed that Microsoft is holding off their plans for a VR headset of their own is because they want to wait for the right technology to come by where the headset can be sleeker and maybe even wireless.

One of the reasons why VR did not take off as fast as we thought it would be because the current models are all too bulky and inconvenient with all the wires. It is also quite pricey and a lot of people are not willing to pay so much for a device that is not that convenient and accessible.

Hopefully, we will hear more from Microsoft and their plan for VR soon.

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