Microsoft Could Kill Off Windows Phone At Any Moment

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Many people gave up on Windows phones in favour of iOS and Android handsets and it looks like even Microsoft themselves could give up on them and they could off the Windows handsets at any time.

One of the biggest games on mobile phones on iOS and Android is Minecraft. Developed by Mojang, owned by Microsoft, you would have thought that it would have helped Windows phones to sell. But this hasn’t been the case and now the Windows version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is almost dead. It isn’t going to be given updates or patches due to the fact that no one plays it.

Sources have said that the game gets little to no playtime on Windows phones so it’s not worth them continuing to update it. The game is going to remain in app market for Windows devices though.

While this isn’t going to be such a big blow to Windows phone, it does tell us of the state of the platform and shows that it has a big problem. Windows phone does seem to have a small user base and there is lack of app support from developers.

During 2016 Windows phone did continue on its downward slide when it fell from having a market share of 1.2% at the end of 2015 to one of 0.3% during the third quarter of 2016.

Windows phone is suffering from the chicken and egg issue, in that it needs more users but users are only going to come if there are more developers offering games and apps, and developers won’t flock to Windows without there being enough users.

So Windows phone is continuing on a downward slide and this is a real shame. If things don’t improve then Microsoft could end up killing it off.

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