Microsoft Slips Out Battlefield 4 Release Date

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If you are a fan of Battlefield 4 you might be pleased to know that the release date for the game has been revealed. This has come before the expected announcement of EA at the E3 in June this year. Even more surprising is the fact that the information has come by way of Microsoft.

Recently there was 17 minutes of gameplay shown at the GDC of the game and EA did confirm that the game would be coming out this year. However they only said Fall 2013. Everyone thought that the release date would then be confirmed at the E3. However it seems that Microsoft have gone and dropped the ball in their latest blog entry for the Xbox 360.

They said that Battlefield 4 would be out on 29th October. However since then the blog entry has been removed, which does suggest that an error was made and that EA were not happy about it.

29th October could be the release date for the PS4 version too and if so then it could very well be the launch date for the console too.

Assassins Creed 4 has also been revealed to be released on this date too. This means that the 29th October could be the best day for games releases in 2013, especially if we see the launch of the next gen console too.

EA could be getting a head start with Modern Warfare 4 being released in November. This is something to bear in mind if you are going to be getting both the games.

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