Phantom Pain Is Metal Gear Solid 5? The Connection

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A big surprise over the weekend at 2012 VGA was Dark Souls 2, however this isn’t the only surprise to come out of it. A brand new IP that goes by the name of Phantom Pain has been introduced and this is what everyone is talking about.

Is Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid 5? Clues surface

Moby Dick Studios, an unknown developer, is said to be the one behind the action title. However fans of the game are convinced that there is more to it. They believe that Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid 5.

Everyone who has seen the trailer agrees that it looks like Hideo Kojima had revealed a new game in accordance with Project Ogre, which is secretive. Many people were waiting to see Konami, Metal Gear Solid and Kojima Productions when the trailer reached an end. However they saw a game that came with the title of Phantom Pain, with no publisher and no announcement of platforms.

This of course was suspicious and detective work began. Due to this it looks very much like the plans to keep the game secret have been foiled at the first hurdle. This is thanks to more evidence coming to light that points to it being a Metal Gear Solid game in the making.

The CEO of Moby Dick Studios is said to be Joakim Mogren, Joakim is of course an anagram of Kojima and Mogren contains Ogre, which is a reference to Project Ogre.

There also seems to be hidden references to Metal Gear in the trailer. Watch out for the character that is engulfed in flames, he looks a lot like Volgin from the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The baddie in the trailer also looks a lot like Big Boss, and the doctor seems to be Kio Marv, who was in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

So it looks like Kojima has been rumbled, or could it have been intended to reveal Metal Gear Solid 5, dropping all the hints? There were certainly enough of them for die-hard fans of the game to put two and two together, after all. It looks like this is going to be yet another exciting chapter in the world of Metal Gear Solid and it could have very close ties to the Ground Zeroes.

So what do you think, could this be the next generation title, what about the graphics and is it Metal Gear Solid 5 in a poor disguise?

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