Metal Gear Online 3 PC Starts 10PM Today, Requires Opt-in

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If you’ve been waiting for the Meta Gear Online 3 PC Beta release then today’s your lucky day as it rolls out at 10pm PST.

Konami held a short livestream with this DLC news and information on the official release date and time for the PC version of Metal Gear Online 3. But do note that to play this beta you will need to first opt in via Steam.

Many fans are complaining as to why there is a beta release first instead of the real deal for PC, especially since the console version has been out for some time now and the original game a veteran on PC already. Nevertheless a beta release should let Metal Gear Solid Online 3 devs work out any kinks if present without causing a potential server crash.

Don’t forget to opt-in first if you are interested. To do this by just right-clicking on Metal Gear Solid 5 in your Steam library and selct properties then Betas. Have fun!

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