Mercedes X-Class Isn’t Scared By Acura Threated Pickup Truck

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There are many people curious to know how the Mercedes Benz X-Class pickup truck is going to fit in on the market. One of the car makers that is watching the X-Class very carefully is the luxury arm of Honda, Acura. Should the truck prove to be a huge hit then Acura are thinking about heading in the same direction with a pick-up truck of their own.

The Mercedes Benz X-Class is being watched like a hawk by Acura and while we haven’t got any details about the Acura pickup it is thought that it would be based around the Honda Ridgeline. Cars from Honda are of course mirrored and then given the necessary tweaks for the luxury market.

But how would what would basically be a Honda Ridgeline with bling, threaten the Mercedes X-Class in any way? The X-Class is going to differ from the usual pickup and this is a quality that the Ridgeline will never be able to offer up, even if it gets upgraded with parts that are premium.

Mercedes did make it known that they don’t feel threatened by other carmakers and them stalking the Mercedes Benz X-Class. After all it will take some time before one of the rivals is able to meet the luxury standards that the X-Class is going to be able to offer.

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