Mercedes G-Class Gives GLB Inspiration To Frighten BMW X1 And Audi Q3

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Thanks to the GLA and CLC Mercedes-Benz has been pushed upwards in the SUV market, but what does the car maker have in store for us in the future?

Well it seems that the next SUV coming to production is going to be the Mercedes GLB-Class. However unlike the GLA and GLC, which are both based around the A-Class and C-Class, the GLB will be based around the G-Wagon.

This means that the Mercedes G-Glass GLB is going to be much like the GLA but it is going to come with measurements that are bigger and a squarer and more retro look to it. We haven’t been treated to an official concept just yet but the picture above is an artist’s impression.

The Mercedes G-Class Wagon will be an insane SUV to come from the luxury brand and so we might be getting something very similar with GLB, albeit in a package that is smaller. This might mean that the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1 could have some competition that might worry them.