Mercedes EQB Electric SUV Trying To Hide?

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Mercedes made it clear that they will be looking to announce nine EV models by 2020. So far, we have only seen the Mercedes EQC all-electric SUV model but some poeple think the Mercedes EQB Electric SUV might not be too far away as well.

While we have not seen or heard anything from BMW yet, spies did manage to spot what looks like the B-Class minivan out in the open but it had a wider wheel, and higher ground clearance leading some people to speculate that it actually might be an SUV that Mercedes is trying to disguise as the minivan.

Not only was the vehicle reported to be silent but there was also no exhaust pipes in sight. The EQB is expected to come in with a 60kWh battery and is expected to have an electric range of 250miles. It will also be riding on the EVA II platform.

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