Mercedes C-Class Kills Off Audi and BMW Vehicles

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The term “Class” has been used by Mercedes to signify luxury that other carmakers don’t offer. It was first thought to be nothing more than a gimmick but it quickly became reality.

Mercedes enjoyed some of the best sales during 2016 and it was thought that Audi and BMW would offer up a stronger response, but they haven’t up to now, so Mercedes has managed to kill off the brand names.

Mercedes-Benz isnt slowing down as they are now offering up the new Mercedes C-Class and this could be the final nail in the coffin for BMW and Audi as it has seen a very positive January 2017.

The Mercedes S-Class sales rose by 27% when compared to the same period the year before. This means they have enjoyed an increase of 3.5% in January 2016.

BMW hasn’t come anywhere close as they managed to sell only 18, 109 vehicles and Lexus followed with 15, 572. Audi fell behind as they sold just 15, 572 vehicles during January.