Mercedes C-Class & G-Class Could Be Recalled Back For Emission Cheating

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While it has not been confirmed yet but Mercedes might need to recall up to 600,000 units of their diesel-powered models if it is proven that they were fitted with emission cheating technology.

According to Der Spiegel, KBA is currently investigating claims that the Mercedes C-Class and Mercedes G-Class were fitted with a cheat device to alter the emission numbers.

This cam after the Vito van was recalled after it was determined that the 1.6 liters four-cylinder engine was using a cheat device. Daimler later added that the vehicle will get a software update to ensure it meets the regulation standard.

That had put Mercedes in the spotlight and more vehicles are being investigated to ensure no other models were fitted with the cheat device. If the investigation does prove that cheat devices were being used, it would cost Daimler millions to get those cars recalled and fixed.

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