Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Inspired By Popular James Cameron Film

Many would have guessed by the name itself where the inspiration for the latest Mercedes-Benz concept came from. Called the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, the new concept is saod to be inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar movie.

While the name might look like it was a short form of Avatar, it actually stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation. Mercedes added that the concept was made to feel like the driver can become one with the vehicle similar to the message in the movie.

The concept was designed with a curvy looking exterior shape with no straight line whatever except for the bionic flaps which are basically pop-out panels that raise and flex like hairs on the animal. Ambient light will be fitted all over the vehicle that will react when the driver approaches the vehicle.

The cockpit design looked like a huge blue bubble with ripple lines and lighting and an empty dashboard. The vehicle was also given a rattan flooring, vegan leatherette, and other eco-friendly materials.

Do you think Mercedes should turn this into a production model?